STATEMENT: Governor Rauner’s misguided State of the State address and refusal to address Illinois’s revenue crisis is ruining the lives of Illinoisans and seniors in our state.

Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner gave his 2nd State of the State address in which he continued to disregard the lives of thousands of Illinoisans who demand an end to the gutting of critical state programs that enable us to live with dignity. Ending the budget impasse by passing fair revenue reforms from those who can afford it is the just way to restore the fiscal and social equilibrium of our state. Governor Rauner is using seniors and their families as leverage to gut workers’ rights and dismantle strong infrastructure of our labor unions. Our lives are not pawns in his political game.

Jane Addams Senior Caucus stands against Governor Rauner’s actions that put the well being of our communities at devastating risk while continuing to offer enormous tax breaks to corporations and the very wealthy of our state. In the coming months, the Governor and other top income earners in Illinois will receive hundreds of thousand of dollars in tax refunds while seniors are forced into nursing homes or onto the street because programs like Community Care are slashed.

The time is now for the state budget impasse to end so our communities can thrive. Corporations and the 1% must pay their fair share, and all of our elected officials in Springfield must make the right decisions for our state.