Jane Addams Senior Caucus has been fighting for progressive revenue for many months to defeat any budget plans that rely on cuts to balance the budget. Seniors, workers, and families have been forced to sacrifice while corporations and the 1% continue to benefit from tax breaks.

We are extremely disappointed that the Fair Tax amendment failed in the Assembly in Springfield. Illinois' current flat tax overly burdens low- and middle-income earners while letting the wealthy get away with not paying their fair share. A Fair Tax creates a structure where everyone contributes based on their income--the more you make the more you pay, and low- and middle-income earners would pay less. Both Governor Rauner's obstinance in considering needed revenue for our failing state and Speaker Madigan's lack of courage in calling for a needed tax increase continue this crisis that our communities are experiencing every day.

Jane Addams Senior Caucus is calling for billions of dollars in new revenue to support the programs we need for our communities to thrive. Closing corporate tax loopholes, enacting a LaSalle St. tax, and changing to a progressive income tax would give us enough funding to have universal healthcare, free public education, and fully-funded home care services.

We will continue to fight against austerity through our Moral Mondays Illinois actions as a part of Fair Economy Illinois. Please join us on Monday, May 9 at 12 noon in Federal Plaza at Adams & Dearborn to demand revenue from those who can afford it: the 1% and corporations. For more information, contact Anna at 312-787-2382 x226 or anna@seniorcaucus.org.