Get Out the Vote and Movement Politics

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In 2012, our leaders began to make voter registration a critical piece of our work.  We believe that everyone in our community who is eligible to register to vote should have the opportunity to do so. Our motto is “Value your vote, vote your values”.

Our leaders have picked up their clipboards and talked to our friends and neighbors in many different places all over the city.  We have talked to young people at L stops, seniors in their apartment buildings, shoppers in grocery stores, and students in their school cafeterias.

We offer trainings to help people feel prepared and comfortable to do this important work. Additionally, we strive to have opportunities for people of all ability levels.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we do non-partisan voter registration and voter education.

JASC leaders John and Audrey lead a voter registration table.

JASC leaders John and Audrey lead a voter registration table.

Recent victories

  • We gathered 250 signatures and commitments to call in the legislative 5th district to try to put Fair Tax on the ballot in November.

  • We helped 850 Chicagoans register to vote between June and October in 2014.

  • After having countless conversations with Chicagoans about the importance of raising the minimum wage in Illinois, our leaders received commitments from over 1,000 people that they would support raising the wage.


For more information contact Kelly at or 312-787-2382 x 224.