The Jane Addams Senior Housing Bill of Rights


Jane Addams Senior Caucus and Jane Addams Seniors in Action put forth the following demands for senior housing rights in order to ensure seniors can age with dignity, safety, and free of oppression – regardless of their housing situation. We organize for a world where seniors have:

The right to be treated with dignity and respect

Seniors have the right to live in housing where they are treated with dignity and respect. Seniors have unique needs that must be addressed by housing providers.

The right to truly affordable housing

Affordable housing is an essential right that seniors need in order to age with dignity. Seniors should not have to choose between paying rent, paying for medication, paying for healthy food, and/or enjoying their retirement.

The right to secure and safe housing

It is not enough for housing to be affordable. Seniors must be safe and secure in their housing in order to age with dignity.

The right to organize

Seniors have the right to organize in order to ensure residents have the power to improve their housing conditions.

The right to live free of discrimination

Seniors have the right to equitable access and outcomes in housing regardless of race, gender, class, disability, sexuality, and other social, political, and biological identities.

The right to needed services

Seniors have the right to services they need to live in the housing option of their choice.

The right to physical accessibility

Seniors have the right to housing that is physically accessible and the right to free of charge accommodations and modifications if needed.

The right to transparency, accountability, and democratic control

Seniors have the right to input, understanding, and accountability regarding the decisions made by owners, managers, politicians, and others that impact their housing.

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